MichLUG Meeting July 9th 2022

MICHLUG July 9, 2022
Our third meeting, hosted by Mike Lewis, was held on the same day as LEGO AFOL days at the LEGO store at Somerset Collection. This worked out well for many members who visited the store and saved some money.
The meeting started with some time to catch up with each other, display mocs and seed part challenge builds, and to sort through and purchase bulk LEGO.
Chris then manned the grill, expertly burning I mean cooking hamburgers and hot dogs which when combined with all the other goodies supplied by Mike, Alice and many others in the club made us well fed and happy.
Next each person was asked to introduce themselves and tell a little about their interests,. After this, past shows were discussed including Canton Liberty Fest and the Livonia Spree and future shows, included Monroe County Fair, Michigan State Fair and Michigan Brickworld were discussed. Information about past shows is in slack shows. Future shows will also be posted there as they near.
Bulk lugbulk was sent out with volunteers for presorting and a meeting set up for August 20th at Steve Grants house to distribute presorted Lugbulk bricks, members are encouraged to either attend or make other arrangements to get their lugbulk orders.
There will also be a meeting at Rotary Park in Liviona on September 10th. Details of this meeting and the lugbulk sort meeting will be posted on slack as they are ironed out.
A large collection was purchased from a former member and will be sold or auctioned off in future meetings. Over 800 minifigs were auctioned for a total of 619 dollars.
A Lego Lava Walk/Dance (24feet of red bricks) was held primarily for the amusement of those who were not crazy enough to participate but also for set prizes. Injuries were minor but funny.
Finally baseplates were handed out as rewards to those in attendance who submitted seed part challenge entries.
Attendance and mocs
Jason Arsonalt who brought a modular building remade from the Tower Bridge Kit, John Cole, Kyle Converse, James and Renae Dyer, James Garret with a cutaway build of the Ford Piquette Plant, Austin Gogola with another great album cover build The Rolling Stones Let It Bleed, Jen, Ethan and Isacc were there each with a seed part build, Noah and his mom Yvette brought Samurai, Pied Piper and WISP build. Peter G, Eric Haney, Paul Jenkins with a Ghostbuster mosiac and seed part build, Ken Koleda, also Richard LePage and his wife Jessica (a possible future member), Chris L (grill master) and Sandy, David Lorch, Mike Lewis and Alice Burns co-hosts (Alice possible future member),Jim M, Tom M brought seed part bike build, Chad Machan Garland brought his steampunk ship (air, water) newly motorized and lighted, Ashley Machan Garland ,Austin Panky, Justin Panky, Cheryl Prsavage bus moc and seed part build, Purple Dave cell towers with mail owls, Keegan Singleton seed part scorpion, Keven and Brynara Schmidt , Jason Steinhurst seed part soldier ant, Scot Thompson seed part solar system, Dan and Carter Wright Castle Wall-ee Pirate Wall-ee and Space Wall-ee also seed part build and lastly Visitors Jeremy Myer, George Ivey, Tiffany Ivey and Angela Williams ( her husband was under the weather or he would have been there also) all of the visitors expressed a desire to explore membership.

Brick Bash 2020: LEGO Expo 2/22-2/23

MichLUG will have a display at the Brick Bash 2020. This is a two day event. Saturday 2/22 11:00-6:00 and Sunday 2/23 11:00-5:00. The show is located at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor.

This show is unique for us as our individual members, as well as other Fans of Lego, will have their own displays as well. This expo will have something for everyone; trains, castles, architecture, space, etc.