Club Meeting, January 14th, 2012 – Livonia


Description: MichLUG/LTC members and guests will gather at Carl Sandburg Library to talk LEGO, show off MOCS, and plan for future events and shows.
Date: Saturday, Janurary 14th 11am-3pm
Address: Carl Sandburg Library
30100 W. Seven Mile Rd
Livonia, MI 48152

Video by Tom Morse:

Members in attendance and MOCs:

Mike Chappa

Series 6 Minifigs

Jim Garrett


Steve Grant


Ken Koleda


Greg Kramer


David Laswell (Purple Dave)

2 custom cars + one stock set that one was modeled after

Chris Leach


Sandy Leach

Friends sets

Li Li

Minfig scale (fire and Ice) Lava scene and Pokemon

Tom Morse

Entire Dino collection, plus 2 angry bird MOCs by his son.

Al Osapalas


Alex Osalaps

Castle, and small ‘castle theme’ Inn

Steve Ringe


John Sangala


Carson Sangala

Mini Spaceship, and legoville scale Micky Mouse MOC

Scot Thompson

4×6 snow field,

Elevated ‘flex track’ Train track system (bridged across the snow field.

2×4 Modular mountain composed of 16×32 and 16×16 stud base plates, each built up 26 bricks tall

Peter Guenther

Castle building.

Old Business:

Past Shows (since novemeber Meeting)

  • Festival of Trees

  • The Henery Ford

  • Rails on Wheels -Saline fairgrounds

  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra – Holiday Pops concert

New Business:

Up coming Shows/Meetings:

  • St Roberts 25th annual Ole Toys and Train Show (Jan30th) – contact Chris Leach for more information

  • Traverse City History Museum Feb 25th(setup) – June 2nd (teardown) – contact Scot Thompson for further details.

  • 41st Annual train show and sale – MichLUG not requested this year, some interest present, (watch forum for further details) (Febuary 19th)

  • 2nd Meeting March 10th location TBD

  • Toledo Train Show (March 11th)

  • Official invite for MichLUG to Brickworld INDY March10th and 11th

  • BrickBash (March 24th) Ann Arbor

  • Southfield’s EGGS’straganza (unconfirmed dates TBA)

Other BIG upcoming shows to plan for:

  • NRMA 2012 grand rapids (July 29th – August 4th ) Contact Larry P for more information.

  • LEGO KidsFest October 12-14th Novi Michigan

  • LEGO Architecture @ The Henry Ford with Adam Reed Tucker Nov 4th-(end date undermined)

 Election of Officers:

  • no further nominations for EC officers were made when motion was put forth.

  • The following offices were filled per nomination without requiring a vote

  • Secretary – Sharon Vance

  • Treasurer – Chris Leach

  • President – Scot Thompson

  • Vote for Vise President resulted in 6.5 votes for Tom Morse, and 9.5 votes for David Laswell (purple Dave)

  • New Vise President – Purple Dave!!!!

About Jason

Hello there, I'm a married father of 2 girls. I'm a big fan of LEGO and the many uses of it. (Long time member of MichLUG.) I'm also an avid boardgamer.
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