March 1, 2003 – Monthly Meeting Wrap Up

Attendees and family:

Kai Brodersen
Stefan Garcia (& mom Victoria)
Rick Hallman
Peter Guenther
Tony Hedglen (& nephew Nick)
Andrew Jager
David Kohrman
Ken Koleda (& son Trevor)
Chris Leach (& wife Sandy, daughter Kira, & son Ethan)
Larry Pieniazek (& son Nik)
Scott Sanburn
Jason Spears
Alfred Speredelozzi
Steve Weiser
Lester Witter (& daughter Mackenzie)

Overall Picture Galleries:

Scott Sanburn Ken Koleda Stefan Garcia


People started arriving at 12:00pm, and by 12:30pm, it was clear we would not start the business portion immediately. We are considering moving the meeting to 1:00PM so more people can be on time. Scott brought along some free parts, and a number of sets he got at clearance prices for other members. Jason also brought along some clearence deals to share which were snatched up quickly. The business portion of the meeting started around 2:00pm.

Business items:

1) Comic Con – We discussed this a bit, if we are planning on doing this or not. We concluded that the interest is there, Peter volunteered for the Castle part of the coordination, Scott will be the Space coordinator.

2) NMRA – Larry talked about this at some length, planning is progressing. We are exploring funding and transport options. We are agreed that doing a joint layout with the rtlToronto club would not be nearly as exciting for attendees as two layouts would be. However we will explore things that tie them together, such as having items on our scavenger hunt that are on their layout and vice versa, or having coordinated place names, or even, a train that “disappears” into a tunnel on one layout and “appears” from a tunnel on the other one.

3) We discussed the various fund raising shows that are running on the west side of the state. We decided it would be a good idea to explore our opportunities and look into these.

4) Banners – Larry brought the new banners we will be using. They were generaly regarded as quite spiffy.

5) ILTCO – Larry discussed this new organization, and informed us of some of the details. Overall, we were hopeful it can help the LEGO train clubs overall.

6) Web Domain – Scott found out that was already registered, we might try to approach them to see if they would be willing to let us take over the domain name.

7) Bylaws – The biggest item of the business meeting was the discussion to try to formalize some structure into MichLUG. The main reason we discussed this was because we might some formal organization to better prepare us for ownership of the club assets, etc. Several items were discussed, and most people were supportive of this. We voted to have a committee to make up the bylaws, available at the next meeting. This committee is Larry P, Chris L, and Jason S. We also had a long discussion concerning what this does and does not mean for the club. The voting procedure for adopting or rejecting the bylaws was set, we need a majority of members to vote on it and the bylaws will be ratified if 2/3 of the membership approve.

After the business meeting, we got the Republic Gunship drafted up, and spent a good amount of time getting some great parts, thanks to Al for providing the draft raw material.

We wrapped up the meeting around 5:00PM or so, and then went our separate ways. It was a good meeting, and all are looking forward to the next one.

Meeting Pictures:

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