Motor City Comic Con in Novi, MI


Kai Brodersen
Peter Guenther
Tony Hedglen
Ken Koleda
“Purple Dave” Laswell
Chris, Sandy, Kira, & Ethan Leach
Steve Ringe
Scott Sanburn
Jason Spears
Trevor & Jan Pruden
Steve Weiser

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Scott Sanburn Jason Spears
Peter Guenther Ken Koleda

Report by Scott Sanburn (With input from Ken Koleda)

We had a great show this weekend at the Novi Expo Center. It was the second Comic Con of the year, and we were again invited to display. We had a few different facets this time: A space layout, a castle / pirate layout, and even a custom Bionicle display.

Friday Night Setup October 17th, 2003

The Setup started at 4:00PM, and a number of people showed up at various times, mostly due to traffic, from traffic jams to construction. However, we did get started on the layout, and we were fortunate in that we were next to the loading docks, so we were able to pull our vehicles up there to unload, and it went smoothly. Due to the changes in the space and so forth, the design of the layout was altered, as the space layout was turned into a straight rectangle, as was the castle layout, and Purple Dave had a small table dedicated to his custom Bionicle creations.

Once we got the tables set up, we started on the space layout, since we were not too sure how to proceed. We also had a few older style 8 high Moonbase modules and some newer 10 wides, so we had to plan the buildings accordingly. We eventually moved a few buildings around, but did manage to get everything set up, even though it did not match exactly to what some initial plans were. Steve-3’s monorail station also gave us some trouble, but we figured we could work out the monorail in the morning.

On the castle end, Tony’s castle was unfinished, so he took a bunch of part bins with him to help complete it. Steve Ringe, Ken, Tony, and Jason helped to finish building the castle and connect it to the other areas of the castle area.

Setup ended around 9:00PM, and we went to our usual spot Big Boys to eat.

The only real LEGO disaster was when I picked up my space rig to fix the door, and it had the cargo container full of soccer balls, and it spilled on the floor, sending soccer balls half way across the hall. Oops!

Saturday Morning Setup and Start of Show October 18th, 2003

Saturday morning came along, and people arrived at various times, I arrived first, along with Steve Ringe and Tony, and others showed up soon after.

We continued to work on the layout, we were mostly setting up vehicles, and minifigs, since the majority of the layout was completed. We also started on the monorail, which became a rather difficult task, as most of the buildings made it impossible to have a monorail run smoothly. We eventually got it up and running in the last few minutes, since they were letting people with advance tickets come in at 10:30AM. The Regular show started at 11:00AM.

For the space layout, we had a lot of different themes from various LEGO years, Blacktron, Futuron, Classic Space, and even M-Tron. So we had a little scene with the Space Police and some rebel Blacktron troops, and various other little scenes. Overall, we actually had more vehicles than space! Go figure! : ) One bad thing we forgot was that I did not bring my 9V batteries, and the battery in the monorail was almost gone, so I gave Jason the money to get another one. We eventually got the monorail running again. Trevor also built a number of custom corridors with some spare parts that I brought, along with a custom space crane and scaffolding for one of his capital ships, which looked really spiffy.

For the castle layout, we had a crowded village, a beautiful castle surrounded by water, and pirate boats, and a big battle between humans and the undead. We also had some little buildings around Tony’s castle, which made the castle really keen.

The show started, and it was pretty busy. Since we were in a different location then the last one, we were right in one of the main aisles, as opposed to being in an isolated spot like the last Con we did. We had a lot of people come around, and had the usual questions, and a few more unusual questions about the undead, and a lot of questions about Peter’s Brickquest setup. Peter had a class, so he could not be there until 1:00PM or so, so I told a lot of people we would play then. I was concerned with the Brickquest table being right next to main aisle, as there were some minifigs knocked down, so we decided to move it back, both the table, and the Brickquest Dungeon, until we started playing. Better to be safe than sorry. Peter, Jason, Trevor, and Ken wanted to play the game, but it got interrupted a lot, and ended up not playing it.

It was a pretty busy day, there were a lot of crowds all day, I don’t think it slowed up until after 5:00PM. We did see a few costumes, but not as many as the May Comic Con, we saw a Snowtrooper, Qui Jon Jinn, and a few generic Jedi. We did manage to get a picture of a Rebel Pilot woman, who was nice enough to pose with a custom minifig rendition. : ) We also were across from a DVD seller, who had DVD’s of the original Star Wars Trilogy, along with some other movies that looked pretty interesting, like Batman vs. Predator and The Returners, which had cool looking transformer Harrier jets, Bionicle looking killer robots, and a lot of battle scenes. We got a lot of questions, how much time, pieces, who owns the layout, etc. We also took turns on lunch and stuff, which was a good thing, it gave us a chance to have a break, and go get some food. Tony and I went to Big Boys! During the day, Trevor took Tony’s bin of leftover parts, and built many things like extra fluff for the roofs of the various buildings. Chris brought his new project, a huge tan tower, and he put it on the kids table.

The show wrapped up at 7:00PM, and most of us went to Big Boy for dinner again.

Sunday Morning Setup and end of Show October 19th, 2003

Sunday morning started at 9:00AM, and Tony, Steve Ringe, and I arrived at pretty much the same time.

We did some different things to the layout, such as staging an accident, spilling the soccer balls, and a bigger conflict between the Space Police and Blacktron, and some other reactions throughout the base. The show opened at 11:00AM again, and it was quieter than Saturday was. It did not pick up again until after 1:00PM, but it was busy for a couple of hours, and then started dying off at the end. We did our lunch shifts again. Since it was a quieter day, I ended up sorting Tony’s leftover bin, Purple Dave, Peter, and Tony helped out. We had a lot of good conversations about this and that. Steve Weiser was excited about the original Battlestar Galactica coming out on Tuesday. Chris Leach brought the UCS X-Wing to build, and I think he either got it done, or got really close, with some help from Steve Ringe and others. We started having a little fun with the layout the last couple of hours, such as Purple Dave giving a Blacktron a huge lightsaber. Steve Weiser ending up putting a minifig on the front of the monorail, and Tony’s Rock monster got upset by something, and started destroying the castle. At the end, he destroyed about 70% of it, and sent the main tower plunging into the battle down below. Talk about being cranky!!

We started getting tearing down around 10 to 5:00PM, since most of the crowds left anyway, and teardown went quickly. I think there were a lot of reasons behind it: 1) We were near the loading docks, and we didn’t have to wait to pull in 2) We got most of the stuff off the tables early, so the table take down crew could work quickly and 3) Scott didn’t have all that much, and didn’t have to spend hours putting everything away! We all in all did not have a lot, and with help from Kai, and Steve Weiser, we got most stuff put away. We were ready to go at 6:15PM, which is cool. We loaded everyone and took off.

It was a lot of fun, and it went well. I am looking forward to the next space display.

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Layout Details Layout Details

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