Club Logos

MichLTC & MichLUG logos

History behind the MichLTC Logo

Many Lego Train Clubs use “fallen flag logos” (the logos or heralds of railroads that are now defunct due to merger, absorption, abandonment or reorganization, hence railroads called “fallen flags” in the railfan hobby to denote they are no longer on the scene) as a basis for their club logos.

This is a proud tradition taken from the conventional model railroading hobby. Clubs have done this for many years as a way of paying homage to their favorite roads or just to show geographical proximity. Besides being cool in its own right, doing the same as they builds camaraderie with the mainstream hobby.

Since we’re primarily a Michigan club we wanted to choose a Michigan fallen flag. Although we considered the Grand Trunk and Ann Arbor heralds, we chose the herald of the DT&I (the Detroit, Toledo and Ironton RR, a Michigan/Ohio shortline connecting the namesake cities, which has been absorbed by CN, the Canadian National Railway) as the basis for our logo proposals, partly because it was a pretty herald, and the AA was not, and partly because we didn’t want to be TOO Canadian, since the Grand Trunk features a maple leaf. :-)

John Neal of the GMLTC and the TCLTC, who does graphics for a living, was then kind enough to take our idea and turn it into the very professional and handsome logo that we use today. You should consider a fallen flag logo for your local club. We highly recommend it, and highly recommend contacting John for his assistance, he has helped many many clubs with their logos, and we thank him for it.

History behind the MichLUG Logo

In November of 2002, we decided it was time to find a new Logo for the club. Our previous logo had been a place holder and in compairison to the LTC logo was ready for an update. We held a contest with a prize of $40 MSRP of Lego product going to the winner. The contest ran for little over a month and within a month we had decided our winner. Steven Asbury & Fred Matamoros co-designed the winning logo.