Becoming a member of MichLUG

First off we want to note that joining MichLUG is not required to get in on the fun. Guests are always welcome at meetings and shows. Also everyone is welcome to post to our public forum on Lugnet. (Posting information can be found here.)

If you still would like to join Michlug you must fulfill the following requirements: (Paraphrase from Bylaws Section 3. Please read those for exact phrasing.)

Individual Membership (18 and up)
Help out at a club show for at least 2 hrs, participate at a meeting, and fill out an application for membership. (Contact our Membership Chair for the form.) Living in Michigan is not required to join MichLUG.

Associate Membership (14 through 17)
You must meet all the requirements for Individual Membership and in addition the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the prospective member must attend one meeting, have a discussion with at least 2 club officers, and fill out a medical release form. (Contact our Membership Chair for the form.)

Under 14
MichLUG isn’t a club for this age group. We are not like the boy scouts, we are more like a model railroading club for mature lego hobbyists. Members are expected to build creations, help at shows, etc. Robot Garage in Birmingham, MI has some programs for the younger crowd.