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Motor City Comic Con – Novi, MI

[ 2004/05/14 to 2004/05/16. ] This was our third appearance at the Motor City Comic Con and our umpteenth time in the Novi Expo Center. The show featured dozens of dealers of toys/collectibles…

Toy & Hobby Expo 2003 – Novi, MI

[ 2003/12/28 2:00 am to 2003/12/29 2:00 am. ] As in the past, our participation level was at least partly determined by how many other clubs participated and how many tables were sold. Also this show is challenging due to the holidays… being right after Christmas makes for a tough weekend.

Motor City Comic Con – Novi, MI

[ 2003/05/16 10:00 pm to 2003/05/18 10:00 pm. ] Tony and I arrived around 4:30PM at Novi, where Steve-2 and others were already there, and we unloaded and went to work. The tables went up quickly, and people started working on the layout…